Space Screen - Large
Space Screen - Large
Space Screen - Large

Space Screen - Large

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The price is for one large size screen pictured. Pictured is the full size shelf model, ie large size, Space Screen, a patented accessory for making a Harvest Right Freeze Drying more efficient at production while preserving higher terpene levels and reducing exposure to vacuum and temperature.  This is designed to replace the usage of parchment paper and metal trays for Harvest Right Freeze driers in the Medium Original size Freeze Dryer.  Large and Mini Size Harvest Right machine Space Screens are in production currently.

There are countless advantages of using the patented Space Screen over metal trays and parchment for the rapid drying of our botanical resins, food, or any product imagineable:

-No use of parchment paper thus eliminating a cost and eliminating the potential of silicon exposure to your product from the parchment paper coating.

-Drying times reduced by up to 75%. 

-We have seen dry times, when operated at the same temperature setting, reduced from 18 hours to as little as 4 hours for botanical resin made from dry trim and materials.  We have seen a reduction in dry time to as little as 6 hours from 24+ hours for fresh frozen material.

-The elevated screen allows for double the surface area for H20 crystals to form and sublimate during the drying process.

-Preserves terpenes due to drastically reduced time exposure to vacuum and temperature fluctuation during the lypholization process.

-Reduce shelf temperatures while still retaining reduced drying times.

-Added cleanliness and organizational efficiency for production minded processors and home users alike.  By using the small size Space Screen to make micron based batch specific bricks of resin that can be organized neatly and efficiently for drying.

-The elevated screen and raised rim allows for removing the botanical resin/water mixture from the extraction bags with a higher water content.  By doing so, you are able to achieve an extremely consistent thickness of resin patties.  You are then able to blot the excess water from the bottom with a cloth and place the Space Screen immediately into the freezer, thus reducing the inital water content to it lowest possible content.

-By having multiple Space Screen sets a commerical producer could wash massive amounts of material in a day and place runs of resin to be place in cold storage on the Space Screens while waiting in queue to be placed into the freeze dryer.




This elevated 6061 machined aircraft aluminum frame is made to fit Harvest Right Freeze dryer shelves for the rapid and accelerated drying of botanical resins. 

The elevated 25 micron monofilament polyester screen allows for double the surface area for the water crystals to sublimate during the lypholization process. 

Stainless steel hardware and a serviceable aluminum frame allow the user to repair and even replace the monofilament screen should it become damaged during use.  An essential feature to the Space Screen meant to last a lifetime this product is infinitely serviceable, extremely durable, and meant to last.  Quality or nothing.